#FestaNEXT: The NEXT World-Changers

Hear from current students, alumni, and donors about how Arts Corps programs provide a platform for youth to become the NEXT World-Changers.

Arts Liberation and Leadership Institute (ALLI), Summer 2016

This video showcases the one-week intensive ALLI summer program where 20 youth are trained in artistry, social justice and organizing. Youth leaders develop as cultural workers in three arts pathways: spoken word poetry, music and mural making.

La Festa del Arte 2016: Make Your Mark

Featuring Tina LaPadula, Lashaunycee O’Cain, Troy Osaki, and Ana Walker, explaining the mark Arts Corps has made on their lives, and how in turn Arts Corps makes its mark on the world.

La Festa del Arte 2015: All In

Where are Arts Corps alumni now? Meet former students of Arts Corps programs: Amy, Lucien, Hollis, and Donte.

From Dubsea to SoDo – Pak’ Ukulele Class

A look behind the scenes with the White Center Heights ukulele class from the classroom to the stage at Festa 2015!