Out of School Time

Teaching artists are placed at partner sites for after-school classes in a specific art form. Arts Corps seeks yearlong commitments for our after-school and out-of-school arts programs with the goal of building long term, sustainable partnerships. This program setting allows the greatest freedom for both the teaching artist and students to engage in fun, creative exploration in project-based or thematic learning. After-school classes are free to youth.

Structure for quarter-long class

The minimum number of hours per class, per quarter is 16 hours. Typically the class is offered twice a week, one hour per class, for eight weeks. Arts Corps can adopt classes based on the partner’s needs and schedule.


Students gain skill and self confidence while learning the history, foundation and fundamentals of the dance form practiced. Student’s work individually and in groups building successful collaborations on choreography and group performances. *Offerings include Brazilian, hip hop and break dance.

Students realize and experience the power of their own voice through rhythm and song. Through intuitive and spontaneous learning, students discover or enhance their talents bringing their truest selves into the studio or onto the stage. *Offerings include drumline, rhythm and percussions, choir, rock band, music production and songwriting.

Poetry/Spoken Word
Students creatively interpret their environment and history by learning to articulate their experiences and inner truths through writing and performance. They engage in poetry analysis including sound, meter, rhythm, imagery and symbolism heightening their own understanding and appreciation of the work. Youth Speaks Seattle is now a program of Arts Corps, bringing free, spoken word classes and open mic events to teens across Seattle. *Offerings include poetry writing and slam poetry as well as interdisciplinary classes such as lyrical hip-hop production and visual poetry.

Students learn foundational theater techniques and hone their collective acting and storytelling skills while exploring current issues and events, from family narratives to local and national headlines. Youth may write and develop their own personal work as well as perform ensemble pieces. *Offerings include solo and ensemble performance, theatrical storytelling, circus arts and musical theatre.

Visual Art
Students learn techniques specific to the form being studied discovering new ways to see and move through the world through self expression. *Offerings include painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture, cartooning and illustration as well as interdisciplinary classes such as animation and digital photography.

To view our current full class listing, please see our K-12 Classes.


Arts Corps classes are always free to youth. Schools and organizations partnering with Arts Corps to deliver these classes pay $100 per hour for after-school classes. Our subsidized rate is $75 hour for qualified sites, and we offer additional scholarships to partners with a demonstrated need. For more information, please view our rate sheet.

If you are interested in partnering with Arts Corps, please fill out this online partnership inquiry form, or contact our program partnerships staff.