In School Residencies

Teaching artists work in partnership with a classroom teacher during school hours and with the same group of students for the duration of a residency project. These class sessions focus on a creative project that can integrate into another subject area or stand alone, expanding learning in the arts and the integrated subject area while developing students’ creative capacities including imagination, critical thinking and persistence. Teachers are encouraged to collaborate with and teach alongside our teaching artists, thus strengthening the learning environment and expanding their capacity to engage students creatively.


Residencies are a minimum of eight hours, which can happen over the span of a week, month or quarter depending on the needs of the site and project.


Residencies are typically paired with a specific academic subject and/or teacher. We can tailor a residency to fit any theme and/or subject area or as a service project.

Sample residencies:


  • Breakdance
    Students learn the history, foundation and fundamentals of break dancing while developing self confidence and creative expression. They work collaboratively and individually, sharing their talents and creating choreography for performances.
    Teaching artist: Jerome Aparis
    Grades: middle/high school
    Subject pairing: Physical Education


  • Brazilian Rhythms
    Students learn the history of Brazil through hands-on instrument playing. Brazilian rhythms such as samba, baião, afoxé and samba-reggae are among the various styles learned.
    Teaching artist: Eduardo Mendonça
    Grades: any
    Subject pairing: Social Studies, History, Band, Music


  • Writes of Passage
    Students learn and practice the art of writing using poetic elements and phrases discovering their deepest truths through personal artistic expression.
    Teaching artist: Vicky Edmonds
    Grades: any
    Subject pairing: Language Arts
    Teacher training workshops are also available in connection with this residency.


  • Acting as Storytelling
    The goal of all good acting is to tell a great story. Students learn to access characters from within and set the stage with improvisation, theater and writing exercises that explore the personal stories of the students and the world around them. Students will create skits and monologues with a goal of creating an ensemble performance or bringing to life subject areas and books they are already exploring.
    Teaching artist: Tina LaPadula
    Grades: any
    Subject pairing: Social Studies, Language Arts


  • Mixed-media Mosaic Mania!
    Students learn the history of mosaic and develop mosaic techniques utilizing composition and design. Students explore a variety of materials and possibilities while making their own handmade tiles and collaborative installation pieces. Classroom/school themes such as nature, flora, fauna, culture and recycling can be incorporated into this residency.
    Teaching artist: Shannon Andersen
    Grades: any
    Subject pairing: History, Art, Science


Arts Corps classes are always free to youth. Schools and organizations partnering with Arts Corps to deliver these classes pay $100 per hour for after-school classes. Our subsidized rate is $75 hour for qualified sites, and we offer additional scholarships to partners with a demonstrated need. For more information, please view our rate sheet.

If you are interested in partnering with Arts Corps, please fill out this online partnership inquiry form, or contact our program partnerships staff.