May 2013, Puget Sound Business Journal

“State of the Arts: Doing something right” by Robert Celaschi

April 2013, KPLU

“Bringing the arts back into Seattle schools” by (article and audio)

March 2013, City Arts Magazine

“Creative Class” by Jonathan Zwickel


December 2012, The Highline Times

“Highline High School Student David Danh Accepts National Award from First Lady”

November 2012, Guild News

“Two Guild Members Receive Highest National Honor at White House”

November 2012, The Stranger SLOG

“Arts Corps Wins the Nation’s Highest Honor for After-School Arts Programs”

March 2012, The Stranger SLOG

“The Mayor Promises to Restore Arts Corps Money”

“Is This What We Voted For?: Arts Organizations Deemed “Unqualified” for Education Levy Money They’ve Been Getting for Years While Mayor Hosts Meetings Across Town on the Importance of Arts Education”

February 2012, Alaska Airlines Magazine
“Seattle nonprofit boosts students’ confidence, creativity and critical thinking” by Scott Driscoll


May 2010, The Stranger
“Make Art Anyway: Okay, but Seriously, Can Music and Art Change the World?” by Jen Graves

May 2010, KUOW
“MusicianCorps” by Marcie Sillman (article and audio)
(download audio)

April 2010, Komo News Radio
“Musician gives back to the next generation” (article and video)
(download audio)

March 2010, Soul of Seattle
“Arts Corps Youth Go To D.C.” (audio)


March 2009, Soul of Seattle
“The Arts and Children” (audio)


November 2008, Worldchanging Seattle
“Seattle to the World: Arts Corps”

July 2008, Inside Encore
“Kids’ Art Everywhere”


November 2007, Inside Encore
“Art for Everybody”

May 30, 2007, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
“Sculpture Park? Museum? We’re not done yet, Seattle.”

Spring 2007, Pulse Berlin
“Paint, Sing, Draw two of these and call me in the morning”

March 23, 2007, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
“Imagine what could be if…”

March 17, 2007, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
“Arts Corps finds willing recruits in needy schools: Non-profit lets in the light of the arts”

February 2007, ParentMap
“A heart for the arts”

February 2007, ParentMap
“Why the arts are crucial to your child’s development”


November 2006, Seattle Woman Magazine
“Art Becomes Her”

March 2006, Seattle Magazine
“Lisa Fitzhugh: The Art of Survival”


September 2005, Redbook Magazine
“Mothers & Shakers”

January 5, 2005, The Seattle Times
“Creativity to their Art’s Content”



August 29, 2003, The Seattle Times
“Mayor issues inaugural arts awards”

December 26, 2003, The Seattle Times
“Hip-hop, hands-on: Seattle youths find voice and respect in music”

November 7, 2003, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
“Arts Corps’ kids will ‘Make It Happen’”


August 22 – 28, 2002, Seattle Weekly
“Budding Artists: Arts Corps helps fill the education gap”

May 23, 2002, The New York Times
“Raising Shutterbugs in a Megapixel Age”

January 10 – 23, 2002, Real Change
“Arts Corps: A Phenomenal Success Story”


June 14, 2001, The Seattle Times
“Getting their act together: Students lay out their lives on Rep stage”

June 2001, Metropolitan Living Magazine
“Creating Sparks”